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Commercial Disclosure


Legal Name
​名   前

Aiko Sakano

​坂野 愛子

​住  所

Disclosure without delay upon request


Phone Number
​電 話 番 号

Disclosure without delay upon request


Email Address
​メ ー ル

Head of Operations

​運 営 統 括 責 任 者

Aiko Sakano

​坂野 愛子

Additional fees


Shipping and handling charges (e.g., convenience store payment)


Exchanges & Returns Policy


We will accept a return or exchange if an incorrect product has been delivered.


Delivery times

​引 渡 時 期

The goods are estimated to be delivered in 15 business days. The estimated delivery dates are indicative and do not constitute a guarantee. For high volumes, commission work, complex formats, certain countries, or special circumstances, delivery times may vary.


Accepted payment methods


Global: Visa, Mastercard, American Express

Canada: Discover

Europe: Cartes Bancaires

Asia: JCB, China Union Pay

​共通:Visa, Mastercard, American Express


ヨーロッパ:Cartes Bancaires

アジア:JCB, China Union Pay

Payment period

決 済 期 間

Credit card payments are processed immediately.​

The Exchanges or Returns Policy is the general one that we provide on Gesso



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